The examination starts at 9.00am. All examinees must be at the place of the examination at 8.45am for a briefing from the examiner.

The examination starts at 9.00am even if an examinee delays, and they will not to be given extra time after 12.00pm for completing any service.

The examinee will fail if he is not done with all the technical services by the end of the technical examination.

Each examinee (candidate) must bring one model. All services must be performed on the same model, who are not allowed to be hairdressers. The model must be an adult.

The examination is held in order to evaluate the competence of each examinee (candidate) for a complete look change of a client (total look).

At the beginning of the examination the examinee (candidate) will be asked to describe how they will carry out the services and the expected outcome.

The examinee (candidate) will be graded according to the outcome of their services. If the examinee (candidate) does not succeed in accomplishing their own target, it will be considered as failure.

The evaluation consists of two parts:  the practical and the written examination. Both examinations are equally significant.

Therefore the examinee must succeed in both for the acquisition of his/her license.

If the examinee fails the practical examination, he/she must re-sit both parts, regardless of the result of the written examination.

If the examinee fails the written examination only, he/she has the right to re-sit this part after 21 days. In case of a second unsuccessful attempt, both parts will be considered as not passed and he/she has the right to give the examination for both parts after 6 months.

The purpose of the practical examination is to evaluate the competence of the examinee.

The purpose of the written examination is to evaluate the knowledge of the examinee.

There will be an oral examination which will not be graded, having as its purpose the collection of information from the examiner.

The examinee must be dressed as follows:

  • long trousers, a t-shirt or a sleeved shirt
  • (all of the above) or skirt for women

School or salon uniforms that display any names or logos are forbidden.


The use of a mobile phone is not allowed during the examination. All telephones shall be given to the authorized personnel of the registration council. If an examinee uses notes or a tablet he/she will be disqualified.


All examinees must bring and use their own tools and products for the purpose of the examination.

(If the examinee does not bring the necessary equipment, he/she will be disqualified)



The working space of each examinee (candidate) must be kept clean and safe for both themselves and their model at all times during the examination.

Their tools and equipment must be used with safety and kept constantly clean during the examination.


The examinee (candidate) must cut at least 2cm in order to be graded.

They must also use all of the following tools to fulfill the task:

  1. Cutting comb
  2. Scissors
  3. Thinner scissors
  4. Hair cutting machine (both big and small)
  5. Razor

 Every examinee (candidate) must do partings before and during the cut.

There should not be a straight line on the neck but, instead, the examinee must fade the line of hair. The examinee should use a scissor and a razor to fade the line of the hair on the neck and then he must use a machine.

They need to use ALL of the following techniques to fulfill the cut:

  1. Club cutting
  2. Free hand
  3. Scissors over comb
  4. Clipper over comb
  5. Fading (fading and cleaning the neck)
  6. Slice cutting
  7. Point cutting


The examinees (candidates) are obligated to style their model so as to be evaluated whether they are competent or not to use the hair dryer and brushes.

In order to fulfill the assignment, they must use the following equipment: a hairdryer, a brush and or a styling brush.


All examinees are obliged to shave their model. For the service they must use a razor and shaving foam.


All examinees (candidates) are obliged to trim the beard using scissor, machine without using the plastic attachments or a razor. They are obliged to shave the part of the neck and the cheecks, not less than 3cm. forming a straight imaginary line.

In order to fulfill the assignment, they must apply the following techniques:

1.       Club cutting

2.       Free hand

3.       Scissor over comb

4.       Clipper over comb

5.       Shaving with a razor


All examinees (candidates) should be aware of the legislation that manages hairdressing. You can find all the related information on the website of the registration council.

Written examination will include the following:

  1. Dermatology

(Derma parts and their function)

  • Skin diseases and hair condition
  • Health of the skin and the hair
  • The structure of the hair
  • The task of the Registration Council of hairdressers and Barber
  • PH scale
  • Cutting
  • Blow-dry
  • Health and safety in the salon
  • Reception
  • Hair salon Marketing

(Promotion of both products and services)

  1. Hair salon Management